Who We Are

Why choose Sakafu Limited for your anti slip floor

1. Safety standards certification: All our anti slip procedures adhere to the highest safety standard requirements which include;

  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
  • ASTM: American Standards for Testing Materials.
  • OSHA: Occupation Safety and Health Administration
  • CCOHS: Canada’s national Occupational Health and Safety Resource

2.   Cutting Edge Technology: Our one of a kind American Digital Slip Meter benchmarks the co efficient of friction prior and after the floor has been slip treated. It precisely indicates the significant level to which the anti slip treatments raise the floor slip resistance.
We use high speed(1500 RPM) European Manufactured buffing machines which ensure that our floor finishes attain maximum gloss.

3.   Minimal disruption to your job: Our treatments have no curing time which means the floor can be put back into use immediately. Better yet, the job can be efficiently undertaken out of work hours to avoid any inconveniences. [Slippery in the evening, non slip and safe in the morning!!

4.    Over 2 years guarantee: the anti slip effect will last for over two years so long as our recommended maintenance procedures are strictly adhered to.

5.    Product diversity: we  offer you a wide range of products to choose from depending on color, texture, coverage, type of finish you desire[gloss/matt], type of floor surface etc. Every No Skidding® product is customized for a particular situation