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Decorative flake flooring system

DecoflakeĀ® is a versatile colored flake design; broadcast floor system consisting of high solids clear epoxy and multicolored vinyl chips producing a variety of patterns. Highly customizable system, with various finish coat options.

  • Extensive color palette with a wide range of visual textures
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Factory-blended, high quality flakes
  • Excellent durability, UV stability, chemical resistance and long-term performance
  • Easy-to-maintain, seamless surface

Sikafloor DecoFlake is broadcast with multi-colored vinyl chips and sealed with transparent, or UV stable topcoats.

The system is highly customizable with an extensive color palette and variable application thicknesses. Final surface options include:

  • Integral cove base
  • Variable surface texture to produce a range of slip-resistant finishes
Sikafloor DecoFlake UEF System

Sikafloor Decoflake UEF is a two layer floor system.

Surface texture can be customized to meet aesthetic and slip resistance requirements.