Marble Restoration Services

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Restoration and Repair
Whether your stone surface is chipped, worn, scratched, stained or has any other form of damage, we can restore its appearance and help reduce the chance of the damage spreading further. Stone is expensive to replace, and with our professional stone restoration and repair service, you can save money and keep your investment looking good for longer.
Are you tired of looking at dull stone surfaces? Polishing your stone can help improve its appearance as well as help to protect it for the future. We use the highest quality polishing techniques to improve your stone’s clarity, reflectivity and keep it looking its best.
Abrasive diamond grinding is one of the most effective and high quality restoration processes available for stone. Far superior to chemical polishing and restoration, which can leave a film on stone surfaces and prevent them breathing, grinding is a traditional technique which offers natural, long-lasting results.
Stone is a major investment and is worth protecting. The right sealing techniques can help ward off stains and keep your stone surfaces looking great for longer. Whether you want to protect interior or exterior stone surfaces, we can help you decide on the best sealant and apply it for you.
The right finish can transform the look of your stone. Whether you want a modern polished look or a faded, antique feel, we can help you find and create the perfect finish to set off your stone surface.
Dull, discolored or damaged grouting can make your stone look tired and less than optimum. Our re-grouting service can replace worn grout and keep your stone tiles looking fresh and clean.
With many years of experience and completion of hundreds of successful projects in the region, we provide expert consultation. Whether you are considering the proper surface selection for your next project or looking for the right maintenance solution for your existing stone surfaces, we can help you with the right choice.