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About Sakafu Limited


Sakafu Limited is an East African company currently based in Mombasa, Kenya with a presence in Nairobi, representing various world renowned companies in floor care services and concepts. It was established in 2010 exclusively for any flooring solutions.

Sakafu is very different from our competitors in several ways:

  • Our competitors rely on the “crystallization process” which uses heavy acids to react with the calcium in natural stone to achieve shine. Over the long haul, the calcium is depleted and increased amounts of acid are used to achieve the same result. The end result is known as a “dead” floor, as shine becomes impossible to achieve (Note: Sakafu can restore “dead” floors).

  • We are a one stop flooring solution providers, from floor safety solutions franchised from No Skidding Inc., Canada,floor restoration solutions trained and appointed agents for Klindex ,Italy and other highly specialized flooring solutions for projects supported by various world leaders in flooring.

  • Because of Sakafu’s approach to stone (strengthening it, rather than removing calcium from it), our ease of application, training, regional technical support and cost effectiveness, Sakafu has won several significant customers including Sarova Whitesands, Serena Mombasa,KFC,etc.

  • Our company policy is molded around your needs and requirements. This puts us in a vantage position to cite, advice and source for the best floor solutions in the world in a bid to offer you the most comprehensive, Eco friendly services with optimized durability at the right cost and international standard.

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